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The Sacramento River Settlement Contracts (SRSC) involves some of the oldest water rights in California, tracing its roots to the late 1880s. The first settlers in the Sacramento Valley began using water from the Sacramento River to irrigate farms across the region. Individual property owners, irrigation and reclamation districts and mutual water companies throughout the region were established and granted water rights on the river prior to 1914.

In the 1930s, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) began exploring the need for canals to deliver much-needed water to sustain people and farms in the Central Valley.

After the Central Valley Project (CVP) was authorized, contractors holding water rights on the Sacramento River protested the issuance of CVP water rights. The contractors contended that construction and operation of the CVP would reduce their ability to divert water from the river under their senior rights.

Following nearly two decades of negotiation, more than 100 agricultural and municipal senior water rights holders in the Sacramento Valley reached agreements with federal officials to protect these senior water rights. The parties agreed that the contractors can divert free of charge (Base Supply) and that they have to pay for (Project Water). The total amount of Base Supply is 1,775,509 acre-feet and the total amount of Project Water is 340,111 acre-feet. Project Water is primarily available July through September and is subject to the pricing and other requirements of federal reclamation law.

The Sacramento River Settlement Contracts were first signed in 1964, covering a 40-year term, and renewed in 2005 for another 40 years.


SRSC is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors that establishes policies and makes decisions based on the organization’s mission, goals and operational needs.

Board of Directors

Tier 1

Steve Butler
Board Member

Bill Henle

Sean Doherty
Board Member

Tom Ramos

Logan Dennis
Board Member

Don Bransford

Tier 2

Brett Scheidel
Board Member

Lance Boyd

Roger Cornwell
Board Member

Ryan Bailey

Ed Hulbert
Board Member

Mike Hall

Tier 3

Andy Duffey
Board Member

Eric Schreiner


The Sacramento River Settlement Contractors (SRSC) is made up of 145 agricultural and municipal senior water rights holders in the Sacramento Valley. The five largest rights holders on the Sacramento River under the contract are Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District, Reclamation District 108, Sutter Mutual Water Company, Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District and Natomas Central Mutual Water Company.

The Sacramento River Settlement Contractors Corporation member list can be found below, along with the water rights held by the largest rights holders.

No. Name Total Water Supply (AF)
1 Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District 825,000
2 Reclamation District 108 232,000
3 Sutter Mutual Water Company 226,000
4 Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District 125,000
5 Natomas Central Mutual Water Company 120,200
6 Reclamation District 1004 71,400
7 Princeton-Codora-Glenn Irrigation District 67,810
8 Provident Irrigation District 54,730
9 Conaway Conservancy Group 40,862
10 Meridian Farms Water Company 35,000
11 Sycamore Mutual Water Company 31,800
12 River Garden Farms Company 29,800
13 Pleasant Grove – Verona Mutual Water Company 26,290
14 City of Redding 21,040
15 Maxwell Irrigation District 17,980
16 Woodland- Davis Clean Water Agency 10,000
TIER 1 & 2 TOTALS 1,934,912
17 Tisdale L&D Co. 9,900
18 Pelger Mutual Water Company 8,860
19 Carter Mutual Water Company 7,122
20 Jack Baber 6,260
21 Oji Family Partnership 4,740
22 Windswept Orchards 4,040
23 Griffin &  Prater, TIC 2,760
24 Stephen & Debra Tarke 2,700
25 Zachary Dennis 1,815
26 Henle Family Limited Partnership 935
27 Butte Creek Farms (M) 640
28 Natomas Basin Conservancy 490
29 Steven Lockett 417
30 Fedora Farms, C/O Sib Fedora (Allen Ehrke) 380
31 Fedora Farms (Sib Fedora) 210
32 Knights Landing Properties, LLC 200
33 Klsy, LLC 170
TIER 3 Totals 49,772
GRAND TOTALS 1,984,684