Innovation & Stewardship

Since its earliest days, the Sacramento River Settlement Contractors have worked to maximize the beneficial uses of water while protecting habitat. The Sacramento River is more than just a source of water. It is a vital part of life across the region, which is only possible with a thriving and vibrant ecosystem. For that reason, SRSC takes an active role in protecting the watershed.

SRSC has implemented numerous innovative projects over the years to restore and enhance the environment, improve fish passage and protect migrating birds and other wildlife. In its role as a steward for the river basin, SRSC responsibly balances the needs of water users and the entire ecosystem.

Current Ecosystem Projects

Shasta Lake and Keswick Reservoir Flow and Temperature Modeling

Recent drought and associated impacts on fish species have increased attention on water temperature management in the Sacramento River below Keswick Dam.

Shasta Lake and Keswick Reservoir are significant water and hydroelectric resources in California. During drought, it is crucial to use these resources effectively.

To make well-informed and balanced decisions on water use, SRSC works to provide accurate information to all stakeholders. The Shasta Lake and Keswick Reservoir Flow and Temperature Modeling Report provides science-based models that are broadly accepted, frequently updated, well-documented and actively supported. This report is an important to guide the multi-disciplinary temperature management process.


Completed Projects